Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AdXpose: 4 in 10 Online Ads Never Appear

At AdSpace today in San Francisco, Mpire CEO Matt Hulett participated in a panel called "10 Proven Methods to Increase Your eCPM and Generate More Revenue." Along with talking about the benefits of WidgetBucks' YieldSense as a way to increase eCPM for publishers, Matt pointed out that in early tests of AdXpose -- its new campaign verification and optimization service -- show that up to 40 percent of ads never see the light of day. This really represents wasted ad budget for online advertisers. "Never seen" can mean that the ad was recorded as an impression, but the creative was below the fold and was never viewed by the site visitor.
Further, of the 300 million impressions run through early AdXpose tests, between 30% and 65% are "passed down" to the third parties vs. direct buys. This is a bit lower than the IAB/Bain Digital Pricing Research indicated in 2008 that indicated up to 80% of ads are passed down to third parties such as exchanges and ad networks.

As for sizes that appear to be the most popular as it relates to being viewed by visitors seem to be 160x600, 300x600, and 300x250 creative sizes. These yield the highest creative engagement, typically because these sizes seem to have better-than-average above-the-fold placement. Interestingly, 728x90 size placements with a higher than average above-the-fold placement rate have lower creative engagement that 300x250 and the 160/300x600 creative size.

We'll continue to report more findings as AdXpose campaign testing continues.

To participate in our private beta program, please contact AdXpose at beta [at] adxpose [dot] com.

- Dean Jutilla
Marketing Director
Mpire Corporation

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