Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brand Advertisers Begin Campaign Verification Testing Through AdXpose

Let’s face it -- online ad industry remains incredibly complex and inefficient. Here are some facts:

  • Up to 80 percent of all interactive ads are sold and resold through third parties
  • Billions are wasted in untargeted ads each year
  • Nearly 1 in 3 ads is never even seen because they are below the fold
  • 82 percent of CMOs are less than satisfied with their ROI analysis
This all adds up to brand marketers being left with little campaign transparency and return on investment when it comes to their interactive ad campaigns. And we wonder why ad dollars aren’t coming online at a faster clip.

A solution for advertisers and their agencies was released today, called AdXpose. Launched in invite-only beta mode today, this patent-pending optimization technology is one of the first online ad technologies to give brand marketers and interactive agencies campaign verification anywhere their ads run across the Internet. AdXpose is a new sub-brand within Mpire Corporation, a market-leading ad optimization technology company, which also makes WidgetBucks.

Advertisers are encouraged to contact AdXpose directly to test campaigns and get insight into how they can better maximize their ad spend.

AdXpose is launching with significant publisher and advertisers support, including Jones Soda, Keen Shoes,, OpenX, Wetpaint and more. In fact, OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan said this:

“AdXpose has the potential to significantly improve both the economic value and consumer relevance of advertising by increasing campaign accuracy and transparency. Since OpenX is focused on enabling all classes of businesses online to make more money from advertising through a fully open and extensible technology and monetization platform, we're excited to work with Mpire in bringing AdXpose to market.”

Whether ads appear through exchanges, ad networks, or direct buys, AdXpose provides real-time tracking of campaign placement, reach and consumer engagement:
  • More effective placement means less wasted budget: AdXpose makes every impression count by alerting advertisers and agencies to effective or ineffective placements, those appearing above/below the fold, percentage of ads actually seen and notices of non-compliance situations.
  • Ensures campaign targeting hits the right site and audience: Real-time domain-level transparency helps agencies make performance-based, on-the-fly campaign adjustments, as well as to determine if a campaign is delivering the right message to the right web site.
  • Measures, maximizes ad creative effectiveness: AdXpose provides actionable insights through heatmapping technology and capturing of consumer behavior around and within ads, including when a mouse curser enters, exits and hovers, as well as total time in the creative. Advertisers can then gauge campaign success from an engagement and performance perspective.
AdXpose can scale to any size campaign, monitors most ad formats, including display, text, video and Flash-based creative, tracks IAB-standard and non-standard sizes, and uses IAB and MRC compliant reporting metrics.

This may leave some asking, “What’s in it for publishers?” Well, AdXpose helps in a few ways. First, publishers and ad networks are now supplied with compliance information for advertisers around placement and media buying conformance. Most importantly, publishers benefit because they have powerful data to show advertisers around campaign effectiveness on their web sites and ad networks.

There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in display advertising over the last many years. With a renaissance in online advertising long overdue, now is the right time for a set of emerging companies to start providing deeper, more transparent insights to advertisers.

We are currently running an invite-only beta program with AdXpose; however, if you are an advertiser (or represent a brand marketer) wanting to test a campaign or two, contact us at beta [at] adxpose [dot] com or call 206-302-2155.

- Matt Hulett
CEO, Mpire Corporation
(makers of AdXpose and WidgetBucks)

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